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3. What shipping methods are available?

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There are three shipping methods available from India:
1.Ocean Freight: This is the most economical way of shipping goods but takes about 30-45 days for US/Canadian destinations and 22-30 days for European destinations. This option is ideal for large shipments that are not time sensitive.
2. Air Freight (Port to Port): This option is the most widely used option ensuring low shipping costs with faster deliveries. This method costs more than Ocean Freight but substantially less than Air Express. The lead time is typically 7-12 days depending on the carrier.
3. Air Express (Door to Door): This is the fastest shipping method with high shipping costs. The advantages of this option include door-to-door delivery with inexpensive and hassle-free Customs clearance. This is a good option for time sensitive and relatively smaller shipments. Delivery Time 4-6 Days.

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